ARTIS celebrates first million!

After our successful launch of the ARTIS Mainnet called ARTIS Sigma 1 (or Σ1 for short), mid-November 2018, we have continued to make changes and improvements in and around the ARTIS project:


The ARTIS Trustnodes form the backbone of a secure and reliable blockchain. Beside the regular nodes, which help to send transactions, the Trustnodes verify them and work together when forming new blocks. An important difference to Bitcoin or Ethereum is that the ARTIS Trustnode operators are publicly known and work cooperatively with very little energy consumption. Since launching Sigma1 last year, new Trustnodes have joined the network to make ARTIS safer and even more decentralized. The ARTIS Blockchain has an average block time of 5 seconds and on Friday, January 11th 2019 the block height has already passed 1 million!


Brand new block explorer

We have also significantly improved the way in which activity on the ARTIS Network can be accessed by the public. ARTIS is now using Blockscout as its default block explorer. You can view it here: ARTIS Network. Blockscout is an open source, state-of-the-art explorer that offers lots of helpful features such as displaying token transactions, support for sourcecode-upload, and a human readable contract interface for contracts with known sourcecode. (example)

We are eager to make a lot of progress in 2019 and look forward to collaborating with developers and blockchain enthusiasts!

You can find more information about ARTIS on and our latest articles on Medium. You can also contact us via email:

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