lab10 collective joins the Sovrin Network

The lab10 collective is driven by its vision of a free, fair and educated society. The collective is not only working on its own projects to further these ideas, but is always excited to actively collaborate with others who have similar visions and are working toward common goals. A focus on blockchain, self-sovereign identity (SSI) and related technologies is thereby key.

One such opportunity presented itself to us recently in the form of Sovrin and the Sovrin Foundation. After a short period of getting to know each other and making sure our values are aligned well, we are now happy to announce that the lab10 collective has officially become the latest Founding Steward of the Sovrin Network!

The Sovrin Foundation is an international non-profit that maintains the independence and vitality of the Sovrin Network, which is a global identity infrastructure that supports privacy-enhancing self-sovereign identity using a purpose-built distributed ledger (aka blockchain) at its core. This Network is operated by independent Stewards and uses the power of a hybrid distributed ledger as a fast, private and secure framework for providing people, organizations and connected devices with a permanent identity with which to transact and operate securely online in everyday life. It is the mission of the Sovrin Foundation to provide such a self-sovereign identity, which is a digital identity that is decentralized, permanent, secure, portable, private and trustworthy.


As the latest Sovrin Steward, the lab10 collective is joining an esteemed group of organizations that are all collaboratively assisting in the validation of transactions on the Sovrin distributed identity network. We will contribute computing and technical resources required to ensure the Sovrin Network is available and secure. In general, Sovrin’s Stewards represent a diverse cross-section of different businesses and industries, thus collectively helping to maintain Sovrin’s independence from government or industry influence by minimizing the possibility that any Stewards exert undue influence over the network.

Digital Identity has been on our radar for quite some time now as an interesting technology that is rapidly maturing. With our upcoming Minerva App, the lab10 collective is currently developing a true "digital wallet" that will store a multitude of cryptographic keys, digital identities and valuables, just like any physical wallet stores cash, cards and IDs. We also hosted a recent Meetup at our homebase in Graz on SSI. Our participation in the Sovrin Network will support making self-sovereign identity a reality for internet users around the world and help to further assert ourselves as a global player in this exciting space.

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