Status of the ARTIS Mainnet

ARTIS is back with exciting news. We have been celebrating the successful launch of the ARTIS Mainnet mid-November. But we didn’t stop there: The Mainnet, which we call ARTIS Sigma 1 (Σ1 for short), has been up and running for about a month now.


ARTIS Trustnodes ensure the safe and reliable handling of transactions on the blockchain. Since launching the Mainnet, we have done extensive internal testing. Now, the first Trustnodes have been set up on the Sigma1 Mainnet and during the Bootstrap Phase until Nov. 2019, we will continue along our path of decentralization and maximum resilience. The current status of the Mainnet can be viewed live.

Grants for DApps

Developers can now build and deploy decentralized applications (DApps) on ARTIS. The big advantage is the compatibility with Ethereum. As ARTIS is part of the exponentially growing Ethereum ecosystem and is based on the same code as Ethereum, all DApps that work on Ethereum work on ARTIS as well.

To further encourage developers to create DApps for the ARTIS network, a program for offering grants will be launched. DApp Startups can apply and if they are selected, they will receive a grant package for their DAapp developments. Up to 10% of all coins currently in circulation will be thus invested in sustainable projects.

Ethereum Bridge

The next big step for ARTIS is the creation of a direct connection to the Ethereum Blockchain. This so-called “bridge” will be able to further simplify and speed up the transfer of values and data between the two blockchains.

If you would like to learn more about ARTIS, you can visit the official ARTIS website: or contact us directly!

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