Learn more about our running, completed and in-the-making projects at the lab10 collective.

Running & Completed Projects


Play4Privacy provides a gamified way to attract, sign-up and convert people into crypto-enthusiasts! Tokens were mined on a proof-of-play basis during a one-month public art performance. The project was designed to create awareness for the blockchain technology and raise money for privacy initiatives.

play4privacy Infographic


The ARTIS blockchain enables interaction in a sustainable, human-centric and efficient crypto-based economy.

ArTiS Infographic

OeKB Energy Certificates

Certificates for energy are a very important part if we want to steer the renewable energy transition towards fast adoption. Consequently, we were delighted to implement a Proof-of-Concept on Ethereum for the Austrian Control Bank the leading institute for export financing and capital markets.

OeKB Energy Certificates Infographic


Using digital coupons, NFC and blockchain technology, the project Vallet digitalises physical cash registers (e.g. for beverages). This solution simplifies bookkeeping for clubs, co-working spaces etc. significantly.

Vallet Infographic

Leasie: a peer-to-peer rental platform

Leasie is a decentralised platform that enables people and organisations to share and monetise their equipment by renting them out in a fully automated way. Any electricity-powered resource can be upgraded using an open-hardware IoT device, providing RFID, WiFi and an electric meter. The booking is handled through a DApp.

Leasie: a peer-to-peer rental platform Infographic

Projects currently in development

We are currently preparing three more projects that will help to get blockchain systems to become mainstream.

The most ambitious is a new blockchain with low energy consumption, fair coin distribution and outstanding capital liquidity. The other projects will deal with renewable energy accounting and the simplification of cryptocurrency handling in wallets.


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