With our Minerva App, we are creating a tool for users to manage their own data in a way that empowers them while maintaining a high level of convenience and ease of use. While a physical wallet lets you store money, identification and other types of valuable information, Minerva aims to be ‘your digital wallet’ in every sense of the word. It will be able to store multiple digital identities in a self-sovereign way and give users an easy way to collectively manage logins and the information they share with sites and services they interact with online while keeping existing valuables safe.

Minerva Mockups

Today, most users have a multitude of profiles and accounts littered all over the internet. Most sites will either ask people to create an account with them directly or use a centralized authentication service provider like ‘log in with Facebook’ and others. Needless to say, a privacy nightmare. With recent data breach horror scenarios unraveling all over the world, there is an ever growing, real need for decentralized approaches to data security that is user-centric and encourages privacy by design.

That is where Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) comes into the picture. SSIs are defined as portable identities for any person or organization that do not depend on centralized authorities and cannot be taken away. They are a move for users to take charge over their own digital identities and the data they share with online services.

On a more philosophical note, Minerva is the ancient roman goddess of wisdom. The symbol most associated with Minerva and her Greek equivalent Athena is the owl. Naturally, when using Minerva users will encounter our own version of Minerva’s owl...

In the beginning of the project, Minerva was envisioned as the native wallet handling ATS Streems on the ARTIS Blockchain. While this is still a major function, we have significantly expanded the scope of Minerva for it to become a more powerful, multi purpose tool.

A true digital wallet must be able to accommodate many different standards in the same way that a physical wallet can hold many different forms of currency and cards. With Minerva, users will be able to manage valuables which can be any number of things: loyalty points from various systems, fraud proof vouchers, transferable or identity bonded tickets and gaming assets, and even digital collectibles like Cryptokitties are among the possibilities.