The project deals with the analysis of Blockchain technology in the context of renewable electricity producers and flexibility as enabler for innovative service concepts, tested in the innovation-lab The goal is to find new and efficient Blockchain based solutions for services in energy management and local trading. Innovative methods for maximizing the self-consumption of photovoltaic generation within a building, quarter and region will be developed.
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Blockchain technology enables secure and instantaneous accounting and is able to increase the efficiency of energy management and trading: The innovation-lab model region in which new Blockchain solutions are being tested consists of a virtual power plant including a storage cluster, photovoltaic systems, and flexible loads. In addition to the electric side, a coupling to the heat sector will be created by a power2heat rod and a heat storage as well as a coupling to the mobility sector via public and private charging stations for electric vehicles.
In this context, various applications of Blockchain technology become possible, such as a benefit scheme for locally produced energy, internal pooling of the virtual power plant, and dynamic usage of a photovoltaic system by several tenants of a given structure. An ecosystem is being established where consumers and suppliers of energy services create and validate new solutions for self-optimization of PV power. In this context, the lab10 collective contributes its competence and experience in the domain of Blockchain technology and Blockchain integration. Concrete solutions are being specified and their feasibility is being evaluated within the scope of this project, hopefully resulting in a well-performing application of Blockchain technology which can be used within the model region and later deployed in the field.