Blockchain Opportunities

The blockchain will also give a boost and enable many smart concepts from the following industries:

Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies and non-banking financial institutions have already started to embrace blockchain technology in order to avoid disruption of their own business models and many startup companies are already challenging their power.

Renewable energy

where the blockchain will enable decentralised generation and distribution of electricity.


because self-driving cars will be soon a reality. Electrically powered vehicles will operate on a sharing and pay-per-use basis, earning and spending their own money, thus becoming 'autonomous, driving wallets'.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management - Shared Industry (Industrie 4.0)

Automation and IoT will leverage its impact through the help of smart contracts, shared platforms and open databases.


automated storage, e-transport, drones and standardisation of interfaces will lead to a ‘physical internet’. Needless to say that a decentralised ledger in the form of a blockchain builds the backbone of a fully automated shipping process.

(Social) Media

Decentralised platforms will give power, data & privacy back to its users.


where non-hierarchical, decentralised ways of decision making and risk distribution are possible and can be applied in any setting, from small groups to entire nations and even globally.


The blockchain will change the way we understand ‘money’. In the future we might be using multiple currencies at the same time. Digital coins (tokens) will not only offer a range of useful features, but also be more democratic. In the last few months, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have already demonstrated new ways of raising funds, fuelling ideas and driving innovation

At the lab 10 collective, we are working in all of the industries mentioned above.
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