Our Mission

A cooperative focused on blockchain.

We're purpose driven & profit oriented.

We want to support the transition
to a free, educated and fair society.

Getting things done

Members of the lab10 collective come from a variety of different fields, ranging from software development, hardware, UX, marketing, mobility, financial markets, manufacturing, education and privacy to name a few.

But what all members have in common is their vision of
working towards a free, educated and fair society.

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Blockchain Opportunities


Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, is supposed to disrupt the internet as we know it. It not only offers ways to build decentralised peer-to-peer payment networks like Bitcoin, but could potentially eliminate any kind of middleman or central authority running a service. The blockchain will also give a boost and enable many smart concepts from the following industries.


lab10 ecosystem

We are / have been working with partners from the following backgrounds.
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