Let’s co-create a zero-carbon society.

With sustainable blockchain-enabled energy and mobility solutions towards an open, fair and ethical sharing economy.

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What moves us?

Our rooted belief is, that for Earth to stay a liveable place, human
economic activity shall be governed by sustainability considerations first.

This belief is backed by the fact that the last decades of human activities
have resulted in the destruction of our atmosphere and natural habitats.
Urgent counter action on how we live and organize is necessary.

With open, trustless, blockchain protocols and decentralized identifiers
we spearhead a symbiotic climate and human centric economic model. A
world where mobility and energy resources are pooled, shared and
radically reduced greenhouse emissions meet tangible economic
benefits. A win-win for Earth and humans.

Join us and let’s co-create a zero-carbon society together.

About us

Let’s turn your organization environmentally friendly


The lab10 collective deploys open, public blockchain protocols and exclusively focuses all its resources to help companies, organizations and municipalities to reinvent energy and mobility with the climate in mind.

Climate neutral mobility solutions for people and goods


Vehicles are transforming into digital, interconnected, peer-to-peer platforms allowing for a radically enhanced sharing-economy to unfold.

We build backend-less EV-charging and automated decentralized payment solutions, enable the ease of sharing and pooling of e-cars, e-bikes and e-scooters, and can help build token-based incentivisation systems to steer behaviour towards climate-friendly action.

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The bright new age of energy communities

Renewable & Citizen Energy Communities

Decentralized renewable energy facilities are on the verge of entering the European energy markets. This allows for promising blockchain applications with tangible economic benefits such as immutable proof-of-origin of an energy source, to help verify renewable energy sources, automated trading and settlement within the communities or tokenization of energy for payments, discounts and higher liquidity.

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Open, decentralized and open source


A comprehensive decentralized Ethereum compliant software stack to foster climate-friendly economic activities.


The most energy efficient blockchain solution to power a climate neutral economy

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Manage identities and assets in a decentralized, hack-proof fashion

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Trusted by forward thinking organizations of all shapes and sizes

Austrian Institute of Technology - Logo
The AIT is the largest public research institution in Austria. We work together in two R&D projects where we leverage blockchain technology for renewable energy systems.
POA Network - Logo
The POA Network is a progressive blockchain network we have strong ties with. We jointly develop the Honey Badger consensus and act as validators to the Kovan Testnet as well as POA’s xDai chain.
act4energy - Logo
The act4.energy innovation lab located in Austria has been established to demon-strate renewable energy concepts to municipalities. Our blockchain based solutions can be tested there in real live.
Energie Kompass - Logo
Energie Kompass plans and installs PV and other renewable energy systems to foster the energy transition. We collaborate on various energy projects toward commercia-lization and scaling.
Easelink - Logo
Easelink develops a fully automated EV-charging system, called Matrix Charging. We have formed a partnership and integrated the ARTIS blockchain and Minerva to fully automate the payment process.
Energie Steiermark - Logo
Energie Steiermark is a major energy provider in Austria. We work together in a R&D project where we develop blockchain based systems that foster the energy transition towards renewable energy.
FH Technikum Wien - Logo
The FH Technikum Wien falls back on vast experience in energy related topics for buildings. We collaborate on blockchain based solutions to reduce the carbon footprint within the housing sector.
Siemens - Logo
Siemens is a leading multi-national corporation with strong foothold in the energy sector. We collaborate on the integration of blockchain technology into some of their systems.
go-e - Logo
Go-e produces affordable EV-charging wall-boxes and in-cable-devices with RFID access control. Together we work on a blockchain based backendless peer-to-peer energy sharing system.
Energie Institut - Logo
The Energie Institute at the Johannes Kepler University in Austria is specialized on the energy market with focus on legal issues. We collaborate on GDPR compliance for blockchain based applications.
Danube Tech - Logo
Danube Tech is an undisputed leader in the field of self-sovereign identities and is involved in global standardization activities. We work together to integrate standards into Minerva and the ARTIS Network.

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