Come help humanity to make history end in green

Everything we do is governed by our objective to turn society carbon neutral. Working as part of the lab10 collective is more than a job. We look for companions with the calling to protect our climate. We are building a collective we truly love working for, and we think you will too.

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Create a world with climate neutral human economic activity

Our mission

The lab10 collective is built around the idea that only an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable society will prevail peacefully on Earth.

We believe that society should be free, human centric and climate neutral and one in which humans are self-determined, sovereign and educated. For such a society to manifest, we require open, ethical standards and protocols that allow humans to control their data, identity and money without permission. Such a society, we believe, will maximize human potential and satisfaction on Earth while existing in 100% symbiosis with nature.

Exciting challenges lie ahead — new protocols and integrative use cases are required to establish privacy by design and open data principles for a climate neutral networked economy to unfold. An audacious and exciting journey! We invite you to become a part of it and are eager to meet you.

Our Mission

Earth and humans at the center

Our values

We are not a typical company; heck, we are not even a company. We are a co-operative. As a co-operative we have members with voting rights instead of rent-seeking shareholders. Our bottom line is impact maximization versus profit maximization, and we measure our success in citizens transitioned to zero-carbon emission.

These are the values that collectively guide our decisions and actions:

Our Values

Transparency by default

Transparency by default allows for shortened and clear communication cycles, pull vs. push-based information access and establishes a culture of trust. Our members know instead of assume and we as a collective are proud of it.



Job autonomy comes with great responsibility for the quality of the work. We advocate autonomy across the entire organization reaching from individual, to team, to managerial autonomy.


Positivity and respect

We strive to keep up a positive and respectful culture within our organization as well as to those that interact with us. We assume the best and see every interaction as an opportunity for personal growth. We acknowledge that tension is an important ingredient of superior outcomes assuming it originates from a constructive, respectful and objectifiable base.



A high level of autonomy works greatly in combination with a deep inner urge for mastering a craft or skill. Any craft or skill can be learned through relentless, engaged practice. Our members have a desire for continuous improvement and enjoy the process of incremental changes.



Earth and our climate are dear to us. We are passionate about the prospect of a zero-carbon society and are committed to this in heart and mind.


Focus on impact

For too long have we been waiting for political leaders to take climate action, while they are still hesitant. We are taking the matters of our climate into our own hands and act now. Everything we do is prudently evaluated based on the criteria of a positive climate impact now (and not tomorrow).

Your life dedicated to protecting the Earth and to serve humans

Perks and benefits

We are a bit of different to your standard employer and do not offer standard “perks” such as free lunch, free gym or free health care. Instead we value autonomy and put all these decisions into your hands.

At lab10 collective we value another kind of freedom: the freedom to decide when you work, how much you work and what you work on. You are free to work remotely too.

We value diversity and appreciate everyone regardless of race, color, religion, origin, sexual orientation or marital status.

Perks and benefits

Small team,
global impact


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