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The infrastructure backbone for the renewable energy community movement

The EU’s Renewable Energy Directive sets a cornerstone for the liberalization of the European energy markets and sets the stage for local communities to take the supply and demand of sustainable energy into their own hands.

Local energy systems enabled by the ARTIS Blockchain allow for a tamper-proof frictionless transfer of values and data. This forms the infrastructure backbone for a trustless peer-to-peer renewable energy market to emerge.

The infrastructure backbone for the renewable energy community movement

Our technology

We focus on three key areas to support renewable
energy communities to blossom.

Immutable proof-of-origin
Automated energy trading & settlement
energy trading
& settlement
Tokenization of energy
of energy

Immutable proof-of-origin

Consumers do not know where they get their energy from; however, they are eager to go green. Intransparency about the origin of energy and its misappropriation hinders the adoption of renewable energy sources.

The open, public and tamper-proof ARTIS Blockchain can help track the origin of energy and make sure your renewable energy source can be trusted, giving all involved parties peace of mind.

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Automated energy trading & settlement

Renewable energy communities require an easy way to automatically trade energy, whether by selling it into the grid or to neighboring communities. All these trading activities need to be backed by transparent accounting for every unit of energy.

With our smart contract systems you can sell excess renewable energy or battery storage on your own terms and make sure income is optimized.

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Tokenization of energy

Energy is a tangible asset. By tokenizing energy, it is being turned into a programable asset. In a tokenized form this asset can be easily utilized for decentralized financial transactions, whether as a collateral, a means of payment or by giving it further utility value in the form of discounts, preferential treatment or voting rights. Given its programmability, the possibilities are endless.

Get in touch and let’s give liquidity to your renewable energy with tokenization.

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Tokenization of energy

Core technology

Our solutions for local energy communities use the ARTIS blockchain
and the suite of Minerva products as its backbone..


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Decentralized identity
and asset management

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