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The lab10 collective is not a traditional company. Instead, we are a co-operative. Learn more about our background, motivation and milestones achieved. Who knows, you may also be interested in joining our cause too and helping to build a zero-carbon society.

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Blockchain and crypto-wallet [GER]

The lab10 collective has developed a blockchain for energy applications. With Infineon now tinkering with a cold storage crypto-wallet.

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"Crypto Shilling" for green business [GER]

Find out how the ARTIS blockchain is on track to fight the climate crisis.

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The Crypto-Schilling will make Blockchain technology green [GER]

Electric car charging, crowdfunding of PV projects all happening on ARTIS.

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A crypto shilling for green businesses. [GER]

Find out how the ARTIS Blockchain is optimized for energy-efficient transactions and returns the Shilling (ATS) as currency.

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ARTIS Blockchain: Grazer Startup returns the Schilling. [GER]

ARTIS's decentralized Internet technology will lead for more sustainability. First POC's described.

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1000 times more energy efficient than Ethereum [GER]

The lab10 collective presents climate-friendly blockchain.

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Is this the ultimate charging solution for electric cars?

World debut of fully automated conductive charging and payment via the ARTIS blockchain.

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4gamechangers Discussion Panel 2018

Blockchain unchained - decentralized networks tearing down established market players

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Cordless charging technology for e-cars with blockchain billing in progress. [GER]

An Austrian cooperation has demonstrated a working prototype for a wireless and blockchain-based charging solution for electric vehicles.

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World Debut Of Fully Automated Conductive Charging And Payment

Word debut at the Mission Innovation Austria Week 2019 of a fully automated conductive charging and decentralized payment system developed by Easelink, lab10 collective and Future Grid.

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Press releases

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Prominente Partner unterstützen ARTIS Blockchain zum Klimaschutz

02 Dec

Eine Reihe prominenter Akteure aus der heimischen und internationalen Blockchain-Szene, sowie aus dem Bereich Energie und Elektromobilität, haben sich zusammengetan, um das dezentrale Rückgrat für eine CO2-freie Zukunft aufzubauen.

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Blockchain for Climate Action: Creating a #ZeroCarbonSociety

18 Nov

A number of prominent players from the Ethereum ecosystem - such as POA Network, Giveth, LUKSO and Ocean Protocol - support the ARTIS Blockchain, to build the decentralized backbone for tomorrow’s #ZeroCarbonSociety.

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Grazer Blockchain Pioniere machen die Wirtschaft CO2 neutral.

04 Oct

ARTIS die weltweit erste Web3.0 Plattform aus Österreich, die sich voll und ganz darauf konzentriert, dem Klimawandel aktiv entgegenwirken, die Atmosphäre zu schützen und nachhaltige Investments zu ermöglichen.

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The car that charges itself

15 May

Demonstration of the first completely hands free charging and payment process for electric vehicles at the Mission Innovation Austria Week 2019.

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