Blockchain for Climate Action: Creating a #ZeroCarbonSociety

A number of prominent players from the Ethereum ecosystem – such as POA Network, Giveth, LUKSO and Ocean Protocol – support the ARTIS Blockchain, to build the decentralized backbone for tomorrow’s #ZeroCarbonSociety.

Back in 2018, the Austria-based cooperative, lab10 collective, launched the ARTIS blockchain, a smart contract platform to counter climate change on a global scale. As an Ethereum compliant sister network, the new blockchain is designed to host Ðapps for climate action, especially in the area of e-mobility and local energy communities. Apart from these real-life use cases, the ‘1 Earth | 0 Carbon’ – Fund, building on top of ARTIS, allow climate conscious citizens to offset their own carbon footprint with an investment in renewable energy installations.

Receiving strong support from the Ethereum ecosystem

As a dedicated network, ARTIS focuses on zero carbon specific use cases. Fabian Vogelsteller, founder of LUKSO and co-author of the ERC20 standard, is a strong proponent of this approach: ‘With LUKSO, we are building a dedicated network focused on mainstream application for the social creative economies we are seeing today and tomorrow. A lot of uses cases will benefit from sustainable approaches, and we can see possible connections to use cases on the ARTIS blockchain. In the last few months we have together developed POSDAO and the Honey Badger BFT algorithm under the umbrella of the upcoming Ethereum Networks Alliance, that will benefit many of such dedicated Ethereum compatible networks.’

ARTIS will support several protocols, such as Ocean Protocol and, for the data management and monetization.

To simplify key management considerably, the lab10 collective has developed a NFC based smart card together with Infineon Technologies. This novel hardware wallet will hit retail next year and open up blockchain technology for a broad range of users and eventually allow mass adoption.

ARTIS, the full stack blockchain platform built for climate action

Griff Green, one of the founders at Giveth and the Commons Stack, expresses his support to run the public infrastructure of the ARTIS network: ‘I am excited to support ARTIS in their effort to counter one of the biggest tragedies of the commons out there. The environment, and more specifically, our atmosphere, is being exploited at everyone’s expense. I firmly believe that we will be able to use the ARTIS blockchain to enable impactful and sustainable community collaboration using cryptoeconomics (e.g. bonding curves and Harberger tax) to align incentives in ways that aren’t possible without it.’

With the ‘Moon’ network upgrade, starting this December, ARTIS will launch a POSDAO / DPOS staking and governance system developed by POA Network. With the launch of the Honey Badger BFT consensus, ARTIS will be a fully permissionless and decentralized Ethereum sisterchain, with 500 times better energy efficiency than VISA and final settlement within seconds.

By the beginning of 2020, the ARTIS ecosystem will be supported by a diverse network of international partners, including universities, non-profit organizations, blockchain enthusiasts and corporations working on zero-carbon applications.

The lab10 collective invites everyone to master the most important challenge of our time, climate change, and invites interested players to operate an ARTIS validator node, consider an investment or build their projects on this emerging decentralized ecosystem.


Tamas Locher, Community Lead lab10 Collective eG
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