Implementation of Regenerative, Decentralized Energy Use Case on ARTIS

The lab10 collective eG is involved in a renewable energy project launched in Austria. This is how it all began: The FFG (Forschungs Förderungs Gesellschaft, Austria) provided a grant to build a new Innovation Lab (ENICS — Energy Innovation Cluster Südburgenland) for regenerative energy. Coupled with that, the project SonnWende+ was also given the green light.

The project consortium is led by AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology), the partners in this project are the Energy Institute — Johannes Kepler University Linz and the lab10 collective eG. The major focus in this project is to increase the percentage of consumption of self-generated, renewable energy.

Blockchain technology will play a major role in this project, allowing fast and secure accounting of energy flows among partners. The entire project is an intense co-creation process together with all the stakeholders involved to produce accepted and working prototypes.

Besides this project, the lab10 collective eG and Energie Kompass GmbH (running the ENICS) will cooperate to establish a “Blockchain Competence Hub” for the energy sector. Local startups focusing on energy applications will be supported by the ARTIS protocol improvements as well as by offering additional educational initiatives.

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