Our platform proofed by Federal Minister

We have used the occasion of the 13th meetup of BlockchainHub Graz on September 25th to launch the first stage of our project Play4Privacy in public and to share our journey so far.

Hence, until this Wednesday everybody can donate (to NGOs working for privacy) in order to participate in the distribution of PLAY tokens end of October.

Play Go on a public façade and get rewarded with tokens!

Starting from September 27th, everybody can play the popular strategy game Go (WeiQi, Baduk) on the public façade of the Museum of Modern Arts, Kunsthaus Graz, Austria and earn these crypto tokens even without donating.

From September 27th until October 27th — daily from 7pm to 10pm CEST — two teams of arbitrary size play against each other using crowd intelligence principles. Every user generates one PLAY token (ERC20 compatible) for every move they make.

The Austrian Minister of Economic Affairs, Harald Mahrer, earned the first ever mined tokens on proof-of-PLAY basis during a small pre-launch event mid of September — see photo below.

Playing the first round of Go on the blockchain: Austrian Federal Minster Harald Mahrer, Thomas Lechner (Product Owner), Thomas Zeinzinger (Chairman of the Board of lab10 collective eG) and City Councillor Kurz Hohensinner (from right to left)

Minister Mahrer is an advocate for blockchain in Austria. Therefore we feel honored to launch our platform in his presence.

We hope you will follow suit and experience proof-of-PLAY and collect your tokens.

on a public facade and earn crypto tokens for every move you make!

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