P4P project update and the way ahead

Proof of concept achieved. Changes in road-map and further applications of PLY. Distribution of supplement tokens to ‘donors’ starting from October 29th.

We have started this project with the mission to convert people into crypto-enthusiasts and bring blockchain to the people.

To do so, we have developed a gamified mechanism to automatically create an Ethereum wallet and mine ERC-20 tokens called ‘PLAY’ (PLY) on a proof-of-PLAY basis. Our platform enables people without any crypto experience to join the world of crypto-economics and understand the paradigms of the blockchain (consensus, finality, transparent anonymity) through playing the strategy game Go in the public space.

The gameboard on the facade of Kunsthaus Graz, Austria

Achievements and continuous improvements

Our users approved of the fact that we could develop a beautiful mechanism and process-flow to onboard people into Ethereum. Every evening during the last month almost 1,000 users (and sometimes even 100 people at once) played our online game and earned around 450,000 tokens in total.

Considering that we had no marketing budget for real promotion and that Go is little known in Austria, this relatively small number of users attracted within four weeks looks rather impressive. Unfortunately, we could not achieve mass adoption and go viral on a global scale. We had anticipated to reach a multitude of users. We missed this ambitious goal due to limited outreach capacity and minor shortcomings in the way our game was designed.

Through continuous improvement of our software during the last four weeks, now we have a much more mature product we can build upon, e.g. bots identified by traffic patterns were blocked.

PLY is already listed and traded on Etherdelta (https://etherdelta.com/#PLY-ETH). Discussions about how to refine proof-of-PLAY and how to offer ways to continue with Go/Voting have already started.

Further research & upcoming partnerships

These learnings lead to certain smaller changes in our future road-map and market approach. We have already started our R&D process to design different mechanisms to get many more people excited about blockchain and eventually convert them into crypto-users. This includes technical, conceptual and marketing-related changes of our solution and might also lead to meaningful partnerships in order to spread the word (before we build our platform). Follow this blog to not miss the next updates on the development and marketing front.

As a purpose-driven and profit-oriented cooperative consisting of 27 members we are currently working on two real-life blockchain projects in the field of finance and energy. We are also strategizing how to integrate the technology, the PLY-token and mechanism of Play4Privacy in our upcoming products and platforms to create value for all token holders.

PLY is the first successful application for proof-of-PLAY!

Therefore, we are looking forward to the next projects of the lab10 collective which will offer further opportunities for accepting PLY. Whether or how fast demand from third parties for launch services and participatory events in urban contexts will actually materialise is not known yet.

The number of all PLY tokens ever to exist is known — supply is fixed for all times. Donating now might be the last chance to get more than a few tokens in one easy transaction.

Donations — in exchange for PLAY tokens — accepted now!

As part of our concept, for every token mined, a supplement coin is generated to be distributed to donors supporting charity organisations fighting for privacy. Depending on their contribution, all donors will be rewarded with a share of these tokens, and be part of our continuing journey!

We have tied up with two reputable NGOs doing important work in this space. Hence, the team members of our collective decided to contribute 100% of the collected donations to epicenter.works — Plattform Grundrechtspolitikand the new organisation founded by Max Schrems, an Austrian lawyer, author and privacy activist who became known for campaigns against Facebook for privacy violation.

Thank you for your support so far. Donate in order to participate in the token distribution — from October 29th until November 15th 2017: privacy.lab10.coop

Stay tuned and follow us on https://twitter.com/play4privacy

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