The lab10 collective Joins The Gnosis Ecosystem Fund

We are happy to announce that lab10 collective has been selected to receive support from the Gnosis Ecosystem Fund (GECO) to Integrate the Minerva Card with Gnosis Safe

GECO was inaugurated end of 2018 with the mission to support the devolvement of the ecosystem around the Gnosis platform. Since then the first grants have been released and now a new batch is following right after. We are part of the second batch.

What We Will Build

In a previous post we have already covered our participation at Infineon’s hackathon that took place in April 2019 in Graz, Austria. That event has granted us first hand access to Infineon’s NFC enabled cold storage and signature card. At the hackathon we managed to stream PLY Tokens in exchange for music via the NFC reader.

Sidenote: PLY Tokens where generated during an exhibition on the facade of the Kunsthaus Graz, where Go-players got one token for every move they made. Now we use these tokens for all sorts of MVPs.

Thomas Zeinzinger, President of lab10 collective showcasing how multisig will work for Gnosis Safe.

This card allows for the best blend of high security and highly convenient transactions of crypto assets without the need to worry about your private keys. The card supports 255 public/private key pairs so there is enough space to hold pretty much any crypto asset safely.

Minerva Card signing Gnosis Safe transactions.

As part of the grant we will build an MVP for Gnosis Safe. It will allow holders of this NFC enabled card to define a multi-signature scheme for signing transactions safely, while the interaction process will be as easy as swiping a credit card. We believe this will greatly enhance the experience of the Gnosis Safe and help to pave the way towards a broader adoption of crypto assets in everyday settings.

Minerva Card

If you are interested to obtain such a cold storage and signature card for yourself, than make sure to join our wait list for the Minerva Card. The Minerva Card will support the Minerva Wallet — currently under development — to confirm not just transactions but your identities and accesses too as a second factor authentication.

If you are interested to implement the Minerva Card into your application, hit us up on Telegram or write us at and let’s talk. At lab10 collective we are all about collaboration. We are keen to support projects that bring people towards controlling their identities, data and money.

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