The lab10 collective Partners with POA Network

Today, we’re excited to announce that lab10 collective is partnering up with POA Network. We will join forces on multiple open-source initiatives we mutually share interest in.

The lab10 collective Partners with POA Network
The lab10 collective Partners with POA Network

ARTIS, the blockchain initiated by lab10 collective relies on the on-chain consensus and governance protocol developed by POA Network and is currently the only working 2nd layer Ethereum scaling solution. This joint technology base results in a lot of technical overlaps and made us adopt multiple initiatives started by POA. Such is the interoperability bridge to EVM and Blockscout, POA’s open source blockchain explorer.

As part of the partnership we will be working together on pushing the Honey Badger BFT consensus mechanism into production environment on both chains. This development is carried out in Rust and is being integrated in Parity. Expect us to jointly inform our communities about the progress with this exciting new technology in future posts.

To underscore the importance of this collaboration and indicate that all partied have skin in the game, we have agreed to swap tokens between the POA Network and ARTIS and have exchanged 4,500,000 ATS for 2,250,000 POA. The transaction has already been been executed on. This is a clear indicator that both entities have skin in the game, and will be working together closely to achieve common technical goals of improving the Ethereum ecosystem.

We look forward to co-innovate with POA Network and to provide useful open-source tools for our respective communities and partners.


About POA Network
POA Network develops products for people who believe that the Ethereum protocol must be cheap, fast and scalable. POA Network has a growing ecosystem of open-source projects that deliver key solutions for the Ethereum community including the open-source full-featured block explorer BlockScout, an array of Bridges for interoperability between EVM chains, and Nifty Wallet to focus on usability of real-world applications. For more information visit


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