Introducing Vallet, a voucher wallet for self-service cash registers

Vallet is a voucher wallet for self-service cash registers that provides a digital and cash-less solution e.g. for clubs or co-working spaces to handle their beverage and refreshment bar or handle any kinds of tickets.

Designed as a peer-to-peer DApp (decentralized application), Vallet is using its own digital coupons (vouchers, token in exchange for e.g. Euro) and will be on the public ARTIS blockchain soon.

In order to provide outstanding usability, Vallet uses Bluetooth and NFC to exchange information while creating, distributing and redeeming coupons. It is designed to significantly simplify bookkeeping for communities and reduce cash transactions, while also providing a free and open-source solution, ready to use and expand for anyone!

Vallet was funded via a netidee grant and consists of two mobile apps – the Admin app for the shop-owner and the User app for the user consuming goods in the shop. Both apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Admin, User) and the iOS Store (Admin, User), or if you like to use the source from Github, you can find it there.

In this video (in German), Bernhard Wladkowski of the lab10 collective describes the project:

More info at Netidee (in German)
Vallet (PlayStore)
Vallet Admin (PlayStore)
Vallet (AppStore)
Vallet Admin (AppStore)

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