We raised donations worth € 10,000 just in 48 hours!

Since the launch of our project Play4Privacy this Monday evening, we managed to collect 38 Ether worth € 10,000 within 48 hours!

At the end of October 100% of this money is donated to non-profit-privacy organisations who do good work in the area of protection of privacy.

At the same time the pool of additionally mined PLAY-tokens is distributed among all donors. Their share is defined by their contribution. The detailed distribution of all tokens is displayed in the chart below.

In order to secure some tokens, you can either play Go on a public facadeand earn crypto tokens for every move you make!

The mining & playing phase is only running until October 27th 10pm CEST. The number of players participating in our games defines the total supply of tokens.

Or you participate in our 2nd donation round from October 28th to October 31st. This enables you to secure a significant share of supplement tokens without investing time to play (and support privacy). We are confident to multiply the existing pool of donations.

So, we hope to motivate many more people interested in blockchain as well as privacy to contribute to www.play4privacy.org — in one way or the other. Because this is probably the only opportunity to recover a donation.

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