Why it makes sense to donate Ether to get PLAY tokens

Play4Privacy introduces a novel concept to “mine” crypto-currencies similar to Bitcoin. It is called proof of PLAY and rewards every player with tokens for playing a digital board game. No matter if won or lost, every move is rewarded with one token. So, the more you play, the more you earn!

How to save time and secure a significant share of tokens

But not everybody has the time and passion to gamble for hours. For those who want to secure a larger share of tokens without playing, there is a possibility to donate to a charity fighting for privacy. In this way he/she can participate in the token distribution of PLAY.

Because for every token generated by proof of play, a supplement coin is generated. At the end of the project (October 31st 2017) this pool is distributed amongst all donors. To learn more about the detailed token distribution, please check the whitepaper.

What defines real value of the tokens

We solve the problem all products and platforms currently have: They might collect a lot of funds to start their development, but what they lack is users!

Our mission is to convert people into blockchain-users! The platform PLAY enables other crypto-projects to build a vast user base and reach out to the public — far beyond the crypto-space. It provides a gamified way to attract and sign-up and convert people into crypto-enthusiasts!

By allowing others to host real world events (e.g. on other public facades etc) with a gamified sign up and user collection mechanism, these clients get the chance to collect valuable token holders.

We provide our platform and services only in exchange for our own PLAY tokens. Thereby they potentially increase in value.

So, everybody who holds a share of them (either by playing for long or by participating in our fund-raising campaign for privacy) can sell them at an exchange for other currencies later on.

Why you should donate TODAY!

  • Secure a significant share of supplement tokens without investing time to play!
  • Support Privacy! The total of your investment will be donated to reputable non-profit organisations fighting for privacy. You have a vote to decide the beneficiary
  • Avail a 100% bonus in the final distribution of supplement tokens until September 27th 7pm CEST.

P(l)ay 4 Privacy: http://privacy.lab10.coop

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