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ARTIS announces Trezor hardware wallet support and more!

Another milestone for ARTIS is the integration into the upcoming Trezor release and support for other major wallets.

trezor support

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Lab10 Wins Infineon Blockchain Hackathon and Streams Music Over ARTIS Mainnet

A 24h hack as part of the Infineon Hackathon made Lab10 streams ATS coins in exchange for music via an NFC enabled hardware wallet. Find out the nitty gritty opportunities the Infineon Secure 2Go card offers to blockchain security.

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Infineon Hackathon and the #LetsCluster Congress in Graz

We are excited to announce our participation in and around the upcoming #LetsCluster Summit in Graz.


Hackathon: Decentralized Identifiers

In our recent hackathon, developers from the digital identity space gathered in Graz to work on DID implementations for mobile devices.


ARTIS celebrates first million!

The ARTIS Blockchain has created its 1,000,000th block! Read more about what's happening on the ARTIS blockchain


Status of the ARTIS Mainnet

After launching the ARTIS Mainnet in November, we have more announcements to make!

ARTIS Mainnet Status

ARTIS: the genesis

An overview of the ARTIS Blockchain, iteration 1: about consensus, governance, economy, configuration, integration, streems and Minerva

ARTIS: the genesis
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lab10 collective joins the Sovrin Network

As the latest Sovrin Steward, the lab10 collective is joining an esteemed group of organizations in the self-sovereign identity space.

The ARTIS Mainnet is now LIVE!

After making a technical pivot and incorporating major changes, the ARTIS Mainnet is now active.

The ARTIS Mainnet is LIVE!

lab10 news and updates

Update on new and ongoing projects within the lab10 collective

Lab10 news and updates

Ethereum Devcon4

Four of our colleagues visited this year’s Devcon4. Here are some thoughts and impressions.

Visiting the Ethereum Devcon4

lab10 Retreat

lab10 collective retreated into the mountains for much needed strategizing, team building and hiking!

lab10 collective Retreat: Schladming 2018