ARTIS announces Trezor hardware wallet support and more!

As the development of ARTIS is moving forward, the team has an exciting announcement to make!

ARTIS support will be enabled on the Trezor hardware wallets with their upcoming firmware releases. It will then be possible to interact with the ARTIS Blockchain using a Trezor One (version 1.8.0 or newer) and Trezor Model T (version 2.0.11 or newer).

This is a big step for us, as this facilitates ARTIS being more easily accessible for a worldwide audience, which helps adoption. We want to actively participate in removing entry barriers into blockchain technologies so that one day people can use them with ease and without even thinking about it.

Furthermore, it is now also possible to use the wallet service MyCrypto with the ARTIS blockchain. MyCrypto has become an integral part of the blockchain world and is a popular solution to handle cryptographic keys and transactions, used by millions worldwide. As of February 2019, you can now use MyCrypto to interact with the ARTIS Mainnet. We have made a detailed list of all the necessary steps on our Wiki.

By interacting with MyCrypto in this way, it is also possible to use Ledger hardware wallets like the NANO-S to secure your private keys. It is our hope that this will open up ARTIS to a much larger audience and help users to keep their information safe.

Aside from the integration into MyCrypto, we are also making progress in our efforts to being able to natively use ARTIS on a number of other hardware wallets. Our next goal is to offer support for all Ledger models. All the implementation work for this has been done and we are awaiting confirmation for the code we have submitted. Tutorials for the use of ARTIS with hardware wallets and with MyCrypto can be found on our Wiki.

Being code compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem helps us tremendously as we can count on great support from the developer community as well as open source solutions to some of the problems we are facing when building applications on the ARTIS blockchain.

We hope that this brings us one step further in enabling many more people to use the ARTIS blockchain network in the future. Please stay tuned for further updates on this matter and tell us what you think about our integration efforts on Twitter, Telegram or our developer channel on Gitter.

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